Why are your Digital Marketing Efforts not rewarding?

//Why are your Digital Marketing Efforts not rewarding?

Why are your Digital Marketing Efforts not rewarding?

Are your Digital marketing endeavors not driving incredible results despite investing business’s valuable time and money? Does your marketing campaign fail to find a place on SERPs for your business? This post discusses the top reasons why your digital marketing endeavors are not rewarding along with easy, effective and ROI-driven solutions.

Phil LaBoon, a serial entrepreneur and CEO Growth Stackers, shares in his post on Forbes that primary reasons for ineffective digital marketing are undefined goals and unrealistic expectations. It’s imperative to strengthen the foundation and base of every marketing strategy before expecting it to bear fruit. Not analyzing the metrics and the platform are the secondary contributors for a fruitless digital marketing campaign.

Reign of Digital Marketing

Times have witnessed the transition of marketing from expensive TV ads to affordable digital mediums. While everything seemed to run smoothly, the competition level started to grow stronger gradually. Social media platforms and Google keep on revising their algorithms and now, are charging more money for the same set of keywords!

The real Digital Marketing aims at “Conversions” but is your digital marketing channel giving you impressive ROI or just some overwhelming metrics?

The audience is becoming smarter and has started ignoring digital advertising. The emails are now marked as spams. The real digital conversion is never happening at all. The consumers prefer user-generated content over paid advertisements. Long-tail keywords are delivering more conversions than the expensive shorter ones.

People today love to search in a way they talk. You need to constantly re-evaluate your digital platforms/campaigns for a better reach and visibility.

Here are some of the reasons why your digital marketing efforts may not be rewarding.

1.Do you understand your Buyers well?

For a successful marketing campaign, you need to emotionally connect with your audience. If the business is unable to understand the buyer persona and the buying funnel, all the digital marketing efforts will end up in vain.

Before executing any marketing campaign, invest some of your energy in understanding the buyer behaviour, needs and requirements. Getting answers to some of the following questions will help you sail your boat in the right direction.

  • Understand the main pain points that the customers experience relative to your service/product
  • How is your product different from other similar ones in the market?
  • How do consumers react while searching for similar products on any digital medium?
  • What evaluation criteria your consumers apply for your products/services?

Thorough research on these questions would enable businesses to bet on the right marketing tactics. This also helps the businesses to craft catchy and emotionally connecting messaging for their buyers and consumers.

Pro tip: Use Analytics tools to understand the demographic breakup of your audience. Opt for a buyer survey for highly relevant results.

2.Expecting Immediate Results

For every digital marketing campaign to be effective, it needs time and consistency. You cannot reach and convert a customer in just a single time. In fact, it takes repeated engagements to channelize the action. Consistency and repetition are the keys to drive the action. If you want your customers to take action then you have to reach them repeatedly.

The process should be done through multiple channels such as social media, emails, website, etc. Try to cover as many touch-points as possible.

Every strategy has its own incubation time. For example: A social media campaign may need a couple of weeks to show-up results but it may take 7-8 months for an SEO strategy to start delivering consistent results. Consider consulting a professional digital marketing consultant for an expert opinion.

3.Are you backing the Right Channels?

Suppose you are into financial advisory. You won’t expect the high net-worth entrepreneurs searching Google and turning up to someone whom they don’t know. These entrepreneurs would rather prefer to scout a financial advisor within their contacts or referrals. In such a case, marketing on social media would be effective.

But, the same strategy won’t work for a person in construction business. As most of the projects would come from contractors, finding them on social media would sound weird. There is no point in investing huge money on social media marketing.

Following #1 and understanding the buyer persona would help you scrutinize your marketing channels well. Pursue a channel where the buyers spend most of their time.

Always remember there is no one-size-fits-all strategy in digital marketing.

4.Lacking Expertise

There are plenty of articles and write-ups discussing about DIY digital marketing on the internet. Following them would require a dedicated effort. It’s more like a full-time job.  Digital marketing and the strategies involved are extremely fluid and keep on changing over time. A person has to keep himself updated on the latest approaches and continue tweaking the on-going strategies as per the current paradigm.

Practices that were followed a couple of years back might end up getting you penalized today because of any changes in search engine algorithms. Your ranking on Google may seriously plummet. This could be seriously frustrating and make you realize that digital marketing is not your cup of tea.


Don’t give up! Results will come if you are following the latest trends.

Understand your buyer and channel well. Repetition and consistency are the keys to a successful digital marketing.

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