Should Your Company Invest in Digital Marketing Training?

//Should Your Company Invest in Digital Marketing Training?

Should Your Company Invest in Digital Marketing Training?

The main advantage of an in-house digital marketing team is that they already know the product, audience, market and company culture. But still, down the lane, digital marketing efforts go futile. Your company needs professional training to get the right approach, skills, trends and strategies to nail the efforts.

The shopping habits of the netizens have completely changed the buying behaviours of the consumers. Whether you are a small or big company, a Facebook-driven brand or a startup, the main aim behind every marketing endeavour is business growth. Digital marketing grabs the lion’s share in amidst all the promotional campaigns.

Most of the companies have deployed dedicated in-house digital marketing teams to carry out the daily chores. Companies prefer in-house teams due to their dedication, culture fitness, instant communication and strong bonding. But, every coin has two sides.

An in-house team gets exhausted with too much routine work. Lack of expertise, resources and training to advance levels end up in making the efforts go futile. The C-suite of the company is not ready to accept the ever-changing needs of digital marketing and thus, offers less HR flexibility to the team.

When your company should have an Internal Marketing Team?

You should consider having your own in-house internal marketing team when:

  • You feel that employing a digital marketing specialist is expensive.
  • You don’t want to waste resources in coordinating with external parties
  • You want to build a powerful in-house team.
  • You have sufficient work to keep the team engaged.

Why do you need a well-trained and fully-equipped Digital Marketing Team?

It’s always a win-win situation to have an internal dedicated digital marketing team but if you are not up skilling them regularly, your efforts will go in vain.

·         Training from an Expert Digital Marketing Consultant

Getting your team up-skilled from a professional digital marketing consultant near you is an excellent approach to success. Up skilling your existing team is fiscally more efficient than hiring new ones for the skills your team is lacking. The expert digital marketing consultant (specialist) is seasoned in training teams and knows what skills work for your business.

The digital consultant works with your team and analyses the missing components that are required to upscale the bottom line of the business. The investment made is worthy as it improves the company’s digital performance as well as gives a golden opportunity for employees to grow.

·         Self-training is often Confusing and Inefficient

Suppose you plan to train your team yourself by studying some stuff over the internet. That’s a great idea but relying only on the internet could be misleading. There are abundant resources on the internet but the bad ones usually outnumber the good ones.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to digital marketing and neither there are any hard-and-fast rules to follow. Every strategy is tailored as per the need, audience and requirements. You need to be very careful of what you read, see and follow on the internet. It’s really hard to find the genuine one and easy to fall into trap of websites presenting their opinion as “facts”.

A digital marketing consultant would analyze your business, go through all the touch points of the business and understand your requirements. Based on all these inputs a customized course is curated that actually bridges the gap.

·         Investing in the Wrong Direction

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that covers diverse strategies/processes within it. It helps the businesses by leveraging various channels to target their audience in a better way. Following the obsolete approach or investing in the wrong direction may even end up in making your efforts go reward less.

For example:

  • Using Long-tail keywords is the new trend that drives relevant and conversion-worthy audience rather than the traditional approach of normal keywords/phrases.
  • If your product is designed for elderly/aged people, then investing huge money on Instagram would be a waste as you will find the younger generation on Insta.

Digital marketing is all about bringing the latest marketing tools, technologies and trends together with respect to the audience and business needs.

·         Understanding the Data

The beauty of Digital Marketing is that it’s totally data-driven. It helps the companies gauge the performance of their ongoing campaigns. But the key is how to interpret the data and use it to enhance the performance. The downside of having so much data is that it may be confusing and overwhelming.

A digital marketing consultant helps you make sense of your data and helps you gain valuable insights that can be put to good use thereafter. Training on advanced digital marketing would help the internal teams to even reveal the data which you never knew you had access to.

For example, Google analytics serves as a goldmine of data when used effectively. A best digital marketing consultant would train your team on data-mining as well.

How can Expert Training by Sania Gupta help you?

Sania Gupta is one of the top-rated digital marketing experts in India. With years of experience under her belt, she would help to find new opportunities for the business to attract new customers and engage with existing ones. After analyzing your on-going marketing endeavours such as social media, SEO, email marketing, etc.; Sania would help to find loop-holes (if-any) and will create more effective marketing strategies.

The training by Sania Gupta helps the company to improve its branding in a way that it resonates better with existing as well as prospective customers. She will give a detailed hands-on training to improve and coordinate various platforms for content (blog, website content, etc). Implementation and importance of hyperlocal marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, mobile and social media marketing, etc. would be accustomed to increase the traffic and conversions.

The training is conducted following a candid and result-oriented approach.

Happy to Help

I, Sania Gupta, offer a diverse range of tailored digital marketing training and consulting sessions to help the clients improve their digital presence. With expertise across all digital marketing disciplines, I work with all sorts of organizations whether public, private, small or big.

Is your team digitally up skilled and well-trained?

Get in touch with me. I would be happy to help your team in polishing their digital abilities and skills that not only improve the company’s performance but their career as well.

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