How to Promote Clothing Brand Online in Easy Steps?

//How to Promote Clothing Brand Online in Easy Steps?

How to Promote Clothing Brand Online in Easy Steps?

The Regular Facebook posts, occasional tweets, Whatsapp Status and some attractive Instagram shots. This is the most common way people choose to market their fashion brands. No wonder, why the sales are not getting pitched! Follow these easy steps to break the ceiling and make yourself heard globally.

COVID-19 has deeply hit the fashion landscape and the scenario still looks a bit bleak. As things are undergoing the unlocking phases, consumer buying behavior is showing the signs of conscientiousness. While the big retail stores and malls are still being avoided, the online e-commerce space is garnering a lot of attention.

People prefer to buy clothing online rather than moving out in open spaces to shop. The clothing line manufacturers are now looking forward to digital marketing for fashion brands as their sole surviving option.

Whether you’re selling printed T-shirts or beautiful evening gowns and dresses, an effective and measurable fashion brand marketing strategy is required for brand awareness and sustainability. Google Trends shows a surge of searches related to ‘start a clothing business online’ in the current scenario.

Google analytic report

So, let’s get started and establish your fashion brand online. To make things easy we’ll be discussing along with one of our successful fashion marketing campaign examplePashmoda.

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How to take my small business online?

Step 1: Design a Great Website

Your website is your face and ensures a trustable and reliable presence in the online world. Create a website that is unique, eye-catchy and functional. Get the best web development company in your city to ensure that the website is user and mobile friendly and easy-to-use.

Design a catchy tagline and logo to mark effective brand recognisability in your niche. Don’t fall into the trap of making your website over-stylish or things that make your website slow. Keep things simple yet attractive. Rather, invest in SEO services for clothing business that will help improve your discoverability and conversion rate.


Check below, how we created logo for Pashmoda.

Pashmoda logo

It is always great to follow multichannel selling i.e. selling on your website as well as on other e-commerce retail stores such as Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart etc. Check below Pashmoda’s online fashion marketing on Amazon Store.

pashmoda shawls

Step2: Get Social!

Social Media grabs the lion’s share in boosting your brand’s visibility. It not only contributes towards brand awareness but also creates brand evangelists.

You don’t necessarily have to be present on all social channels. However, not targeting the most popular platforms could heavily impact your traffic. Instagram and Facebook are considered as the best social media platforms for promoting fashion brands and clothing line. They are the key players when it comes to the retail shopping experience. Don’t miss out on YouTube, Pinterest, etc. as they are equally effective in driving traffic.

By following effective and result-driven social media marketing for fashion brands, Pashmoda was able to gain more than 2K followers within 30 days. The numbers are still counting.

Promote Clothing Brand Online

Step3: Brand Building

You have less than 10 seconds to capture the visitor’s attention when they visit your e-store. Here are a few fashion marketing tips that will help you grab your customer attention and cast the best ever user-experience.

  • Good copywriting, unique storytelling and mind-capturing product descriptions
  • Sharing Pictures of customised packing or how the product would be packed when it is delivered.
  • Make the About Us Page totally dedicated to your story, goals, mission and team.
  • Make sure to handle the 404 errors.
  • High-Quality photographs with impressive backgrounds.

For example:  What Will you choose?

or pashmoda shawl

Step 4: Blogging

Next in line with your fashion brand activation ideas is blogging. The sole purpose of blogging should be to engage and connect with people. Try to solve their common concerns with products related to yours. Keep posting regularly and consistently on trending topics, latest fashion updates and yes, don’t forget to blog addressing their concerns as well.

Pashmoda blog is a great example of commerce and content merged together to provide valuable insights to customers and audiences. Blogging is a critical component of the fashion brand marketing strategy. Equally important is promoting your content. The more things you do, the more eyeballs you attract.

Step 5: Email Campaigns

Email marketing provides opportunities for fashion brands to curate personalized customer experiences. It is based on the individual needs of the customers. Email marketing is a great way to keep your customers engaged, foster relationships with your subscribers and drive conversions.

It’s time to build your email list. But, that’s not easy!

So, rather than asking your users to subscribe by providing a “traditional” textbox try something new to get their email-ids.

A good way can be- asking them to share their email–id to avail ** discount on their first purchase. Does it sound interesting? Yes!

This approach not only helps you get the email address but also increases the chances of conversion.

Step6: Don’t Rely on Instincts, Follow Data

It’s only data that will let you know what’s working and what’s not. Improve your fashion marketing campaign based on the data and the insights received from analytics.

Last but not least, things won’t change overnight. The online world needs your time, enthusiasm and efforts to make things really work.

Now, it’s your turn to take your small business online and rule the world. Connect with me for any assistance or consultation on Digital Marketing.

Already running a campaign? Call me to get candid feedback on how to improve and optimize the processes to increase traffic, conversions and other digital marketing needs.



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