How to make your salon or beauty parlor business visible online?

//How to make your salon or beauty parlor business visible online?

How to make your salon or beauty parlor business visible online?

With the Indian beauty industry growing at full tilt, you are left with no choice than to opt for ingenious techniques to fight the competition for same customers. To make you stand out of the crowd, ditch the old school marketing techniques and jump the bandwagon of digital marketing today.

Around 70-80% of people explore the internet before making a purchase. People are looking for salons, makeup artists and hairstylists on the internet before actually planning to visit them offline. Also, a great online presence and visibility means vanquishing your competitors from this highly competitive beauty industry. So, if your salon is not online, it’s time to make it happen.

If you already have a website but lack visibility, then it is essential to expand your digital presence to boost brand familiarity and recognition amongst the targeted audience. In fact, digital marketing for beauty salons is far more effective, affordable and result-driven than traditional marketing techniques.

The Goal

Before beginning the digital marketing for your salon business, prefer taking professional advice from a digital marketing consultant. This would help you in identifying the things that are beneficial or detrimental to your marketing strategy and understand which areas need your attention. An ideal digital marketing professional would mentor you in building a strong web presence, boost conversion and drive traffic.

What are the key things for gaining online brand recognition and visibility of your beauty parlor/salon business?

·         Impressive landing pages

Your website is the face of your business. Get your website designed by the best professional website designers. Your website should be able to convince and impress the audience to visit your salon than visiting your competitors’ salon. Your business objectives should be noticeable and clearly stated.

Dedicate one page for each of your services such as hair, facial, spa, skincare etc. Include things such as procedure, benefits, best candidates etc. Thoroughly describing your services establishes you as a connoisseur of beauty amongst the targeted audience. Adding actionable CTA’s make the pages conversion-friendly. CTA’s could range from buying, emailing, selling, calling etc.

Use the content of your services wisely and subtly embed niche-focused keywords to make your salon website SEO-friendly.

·         Contact information on each landing page

Apart from content and CTA, forms and contact information plays a vital role in conversion. Placing contact information on each service and landing page makes it easy for the visitor to reach you.

If you are using conversion forms, try to include just basic fields to avoid discouraging potential buyers. Since more than 60% of searches are carried out on mobile, make sure that your contact information is clickable when viewed on mobile devices. This helps the users to directly connect with you by phone or email.

·         Before/after pictures

Placing before and after pictures on your website or social media handles can do wonders for your brand image. But, always remember that the pictures should be real and should be of your own clients. Why?

Firstly, your clients will know what to expect. This keeps their expectations clear and also establishes your proficiency.

Secondly, you don’t want to give any chance to your competitors to file any legal suit for posting fake pictures.

Don’t forget to take your client’s valuable feedback. These reviews and ratings play a phenomenal role in the local searches. Research proves that 83% of people trust online reviews and take their decision based on the ratings.

·         Display competence

Nobody wants to be treated by an amateur especially when it involves beauty and skincare services. Adding a page highlighting your team, their certifications or diplomas would add credibility to your business. People do care about who is going to give them facial, style their hair or do makeup.

So, if your specialists are holding any certifications, show your competence to the world.

·         Don’t hit in the dark

The best part of digital marketing is that you have data to justify your strategy. Neglecting the data analytics would mean hitting your target in the dark. Before you begin, reach out to a digital marketing consultant and perform competitor and market analysis. This helps you understand how the USPs, competitive advantages, trends, loopholes, achievements etc stay unprecedented in the market.

·         Local SEO

Instead of wasting your efforts on the global market, focus on grabbing local attention. Leverage the power of local SEO techniques to successfully market yourself in the nearby areas where your targeted audience actually is. Focusing on the global market would mean wasting your budget and losing customers.

Beauty salon is a niche-specific market and not including local SEO in your plan sounds unwise. People from nearby areas are more likely to avail your services rather than people living miles away.

·         Influencer Marketing

According to a research, 83% of people are motivated to make purchase decisions through word-of-mouth marketing. If you are trying to reach new demographics and pitch a new audience base, influencer marketing offers you a pool of potential customers. These potential clients are associated with the social influencer who instills trust in their followers regarding your services.

Unlike other businesses, there are no specific and formal standards for the beauty industry. Success depends on experience, expertise and qualification. A ‘like’ or a recommendation from a peer/influencer turns out to be a big driving force for your business.

Winding Up

Trust plays a very important role in the beauty industry. Digital marketing and website are two major tools that make your potential client trust your brand and use your services.

Looking for an expert analysis of your salon website?

Or, are your digital marketing efforts not rewarding?

It’s time to consult the best digital marketing consultant if you wish to kick-start your digital marketing goals or revamp your digital marketing strategies.

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