How to increase product visibility on Amazon organically? | Amazon SEO

//How to increase product visibility on Amazon organically? | Amazon SEO

How to increase product visibility on Amazon organically? | Amazon SEO

Read some incredible tips to make your products appear on the first search result page of Amazon organically.

Being an e-commerce website your presence on Amazon is inevitable. After all, you are getting the entire globe as your audience by enrolling client profile at this ginormous e-commerce giant. Earning good rankings for your business on Amazon means more traffic, more sales and therefore, more revenue.

The product ranking algorithm (A9) used by Amazon works differently than the Google Algorithm. Amazon ranking algorithm has a fewer ranking factors, this makes it easy for businesses to optimize products for Amazon visibility. Some popular CMS such as Shopify have a separate Amazon sales channel. This has helped gobs of entrepreneurs to get their brand listed in front of the humongous user base of online shoppers on Amazon.

Why Amazon?

A recent study by BloomReach suggests that online shoppers start their product search on Amazon 2X more than Google. Let’s have a look at why you need to be on Amazon.

  • It’s always wise to diversify your earnings. If done right, an Amazon sales channel would become a great complement to your Shopify account.
  • Make your brand get discovered in front of millions of online shoppers and your customers easily.
  • Being present on Amazon adds credibility to your independent e-commerce website as well.
  • Hundreds of unique and new visits to your product page.

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Factors that decide your success on Amazon

1.       Visibility

You need to make sure that your products are more searchable and visible than your competitors. You need to capture the user’s search intent. The Amazon ranking algorithm A9 is totally based on search-intent unlike that of the Google ranking algorithm that has a research-based intent.

Several factors such as price, degree of text-match, availability, seller score and sales history helps to determine the rank where your product would get placed in Amazon search results. Focus on building a great reputation and an incredible seller score.

2.       Relevance

Amazon is an e-commerce platform so its prime focus always lies in delivering relevant results to the users to increase the chances of conversion.

3.       Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is directly proportional to keyword relevancy, well-written product description and a strong CTA.

How to increase product visibility on Amazon organically?

Here are some 100% working tips to increase your visibility organically on Amazon to get more traffic and thus, more revenue.

1.       Optimize product title

Product title is one of the prime ranking factors used to measure the relevancy of a product as per customer search. The customers are more likely to click on quality product titles from the SERP if the product contains the information they are looking for. It’s better to cover all your keywords in the product title without making it look like keyword stuffed.

Rather than having a single word as a product title, use everything that makes your product searchable. Make sure to add:

  • Brand name
  • Product type
  • Size and/or quantity
  • Material and key feature
  • Color (if applicable)
  • Product category name

For example, have a look at the product titles in the image. Rather than using a word such as “Shawl”, check out how titles given below have been curated beautifully to make the product stand above the rest and searchable too.

Pashmoda Shawl

2.       Optimize Product Bullet Points

The bullet points are also used as key ranking factors to determine the relevancy as per the A9 product ranking algorithm. Bullet points offer an opportunity to the seller to list down the USP of the product making it easier to read. You can add any master keywords that you were not able to add in the title.

Check out the following bullet list for Pashmoda Shawls.

Optimize Product Bullet Points

3.       Optimize Product Descriptions

Product descriptions act as vital elements of your on-page SEO strategy. As these product descriptions are indexed by the A9 ranking algorithm, it directly impacts the visibility. Tell your story by subtly embedding the keywords. Also, don’t forget to add a strong CTA button as well.  Also, don’t overstuff the content with keywords. One mention is sufficient.

4.       Optimize Product Images

By providing HD and quality product images, you are giving a reason to your customer to select your product over your competitor’s. Attaching multiple images not only helps the customers to visually evaluate the product but also enriches their purchasing experience.

The product photograph should be clicked on a white background and should not include any additional verbiage. Put keywords in your image file name as well as these would also be indexed by the Amazon ranking algorithm.

5.       Reviews and ratings

Customer reviews and ratings are vital as 90% of the buyers read product reviews before making a purchase decision. Well, there is no significant proof that reviews play any role in rankings but conversions are primarily dependent on ratings. Encourage your customers to give an honest review as much as possible.  You can do this by activating an email auto-responder to start the review acquisition process.

6.       Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon follows three shipping mechanisms i.e. Fulfilled by Amazon, Fulfilled by Seller and Fulfilled by a Private Shipping Company. Most of the users filter the products search by “Fulfilled by Amazon” or the products falling in ‘Prime’ category.  For that, you need to follow certain warehouse rules and use Amazon’s internal product tracking protocols.

Final Words

Amazon offers you a very competitive yet complex marketplace. To stand in a better position in search listings, you need the right optimization strategies.

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