What is Digital Marketing and why should I opt it?2020-06-04T10:43:36+00:00

Digital marketing involves marketing to audience using Internet-connected electronic devices, such as smart phones, laptops and tablets. Digital marketing uses different strategies and approaches that focus on search engine optimization, PPC, social media platforms, email, websites etc. These strategies help you make a cut in your niche with maximum visibility, lead generation and conversion oriented traffic.

How can you help me?2020-06-04T10:44:06+00:00

With years of experience and expertise in Digital marketing, I will customise a training session for your in-house team. The session(s) would be designed totally as per your needs, company goals and requirements. Thus, would enlighten you on how to grow your business using digital marketing.

With my professional one-on-one digital marketing consultancy and training sessions, you can analyze the loop-holes in your on-going digital marketing campaigns. My impartial and independent advice would help to resolve your queries on marketing budget allocation, idea generation, trending things/platforms, etc.

All in all, I will help your local brand turn truly global!

How can digital marketing training help my employees?2020-06-04T10:44:31+00:00

My adept and easy-to-absorb digital marketing guidance will help your employees learn the ins and outs needed to drive the digital marketing strategy at your own level. My DIY social/Digital marketing techniques would help your employees to seamlessly turn an idea into implementation.

The employees will learn some state-of-the-art techniques that will help you stand unprecedented in the cut-throat e-competition.

What will I get out of digital marketing consultation with Sania Gupta?2020-06-04T10:48:04+00:00

One-on-one digital marketing consulting session/s with Sania Gupta are all about you and your needs. Digital marketing consultation would be tailored as per your business’s individual needs. Here is a small list of consultation takeaways:

  • Analysis and review of your existing digital marketing strategy by an expert in the industry
  • Impartial feedback on your website
  • A cost-effective ROI driven digital marketing strategy drafted for your business
  • Tips to boost your sales figures
  • A rock solid digital presence
  • Trendy tips/tricks and DIY digital marketing techniques
What type of creative digital marketing services are you offering?2020-06-04T10:47:33+00:00

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” and it’s my responsibility to assure that you keep the first step right.

I help you solve the internet puzzle more efficiently through my state-of-the-art digital marketing consulting and training sessions exclusively designed for businesses, budding entrepreneurs and individuals.

I offer a variety of digital marketing solutions that are innovative, astounding and impressive. Call me today to book a consultation session regarding your SEO, Lead Generation, paid campaigns, Social media and content marketing woes.

I have an internal digital marketing team, then why should I hire a digital marketing consultant for my business?2020-06-04T10:46:52+00:00

If your internal team is not delivering results or lacks direction, then it’s high time to seek a digital marketing consultant. It may happen that the team may be using obsolete and off-trend strategies. Rather than tapping random audience in the traditional way, businesses should know how to approach right audience in a right way. I help you find that right way.

Digital Marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing field. You need to follow the trends else you may get lost in this huge digital ocean. I will analyze your business model and make a plan and give suggestions for your business to outshine and gain recognition and brand awareness in this competitive world.

How much time digital marketing takes to show visible results?2020-06-04T10:45:37+00:00

Always remember, digital marketing is a marathon and not a sprint. Marketing works just like a snowball rolling on a hill. Inevitably, every digital marketing strategy would consume time and effort to build the right foundation of the efforts. But, once it’s done, you’ll start to see the momentum that you have been longing for your business.

Every marketing strategy takes 4-6 months to deliver visible results, indeed with consistent efforts. So, it’s very important that your team is following the right path, trends and direction. My adept and purely professional consultation would help you avoid all those blips and gain the momentum in a pretty short time.

I have a marketing idea but need assistance on implementation. Can you help?2020-06-04T10:46:07+00:00

Yes, definitely. With several years of experience in digital marketing, I have a fair acquaintance on project planning, budget allocation and idea implementation. Call me today. I would love to give wings to your idea.