Facebook Marketing: 100% Tested Organic Reach Secrets for Small Business

//Facebook Marketing: 100% Tested Organic Reach Secrets for Small Business

Facebook Marketing: 100% Tested Organic Reach Secrets for Small Business

Struggling with less post engagement or declining traffic with your Facebook marketing strategy? It’s not that people don’t like your brand; it’s about pitching voice in the right way, with the right audience at the right time. Here are the best secrets to push your Facebook marketing to new levels and increase organic reach multi-folds.

Traffic is the fuel of any online marketing campaign. Without that, you simply cannot head in this e-space. Delivering great content won’t do it alone, you need much more than that. Things are turning more and more competitive even in niche markets.

Facebook is the new definition for “Word-of-mouth” marketing.

Why do you need a Facebook Page for your Small Business?

Having a Facebook page for your small business not only legitimizes you in front of your customers but also increases your trustworthiness factor. A FB page helps to grow your business by engaging and tapping customers from 2.45 billion user base.

So, if your posts are getting fewer engagements or witnessing declining traffic, that doesn’t mean that people do not like your brand. Rather, it means that you need to reshape your Facebook marketing strategy according to the latest algorithm.

Here are a top 6 FaceBook business page tips and tricks that will drive organic reach to your Facebook posts apart from curating a compelling content.

1.      Time to Post

The long and short of this is post when your audience is online. Fresh content always appears on top. Recency matters and is one of the ranking factors on Facebook.

You need to check when your audience is online and plan to post accordingly.

Suppose you are a baker, then the afternoon is the best time to come up with your new post or video. The reason is women are busy in household chores in the morning and evening. 11 am to 3 pm is a perfect time to post on weekdays as women are free during this time. Posting at 10 pm doesn’t make sense as a majority of your audience won’t be online and your post would lose freshness the next day.

According to Sprout Social, if you are running a B2B business then posting between 9 am to 2 pm would garner excellent attention in mid-week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). Noon is the best time to post for B2C businesses with weekdays again a perfect choice.

A recent survey conducted by The Drum confirms that people love to shop from Monday to Thursday than on weekends with a peak time between 8 pm- 9 pm.

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2.      Create Posts that Trigger Engagement

One of the key ranking signals of the FaceBook algorithm is that whether the user had engaged with your page or not. The likes, comments, shares received on your previous posts contribute to increasing the reach of your upcoming posts.

You don’t need to post any controversial topic or get engaged in bait to trigger the conversation. Facebook can downgrade your post or even your page. The best way is to stay genuine. Go for posts that are funny, inspiring, interesting or maybe curious.

Hit the right emotion at the right time. You can also run contests, free giveaways etc to boost your traffic and engagement. Contests top the conversion charts with 34% as compared with other content types.

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3.      Content Mix-up

If you are regularly posting links to your Facebook business page and not getting a satisfactory response, then it’s time to try various post-formats and check what works for you.

Try posting info-graphics, videos, photos etc and check how they perform. Focus on building an audience base. You can begin by repurposing your content into various formats supported by Facebook.

If you are already getting decent traffic with your old post-type, keep trying the new ones to keep your content fresh. According to a post on LinkedIn, many social media marketers prioritize new formats such as Facebook stories, live videos, etc. over older ones as they believe that new FB algorithm prefer new post formats over old ones.

4.      Post Consistently

Posting frequency is again a ranking signal in Facebook Algorithm. According to Facebook, the posting frequency decides whether the pages are meaningful to the audience or not and significantly impacts the ranking in the newsfeed.

It’s always better to be consistent and follow the social media calendar for that. This helps to keep your audience engaged. There are many tools available. Check out how Hootsuite scheduling helps to take care of all your post planning.

5.      Go for Paid Ads but Not Paid Likes

Facebook ads are the best way to improve your brand’s reach and build your fan following. Select the demographics properly for a greater impact of your ad. Keep using Facebook insights to track your page performance and see how things can be improved.

Never go for paid likes for example: many people would offer $5 for 1000 likes. They won’t make any difference as there will be zero engagement from such likes. This is an offense to the FaceBook algorithm and the page can even be downgraded by Facebook officially.

6.      Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketers are social media celebrities with a huge following base. These social celebrities increase the reach of your brand by advocating for you. In other words, they share your posts or promote your brand on their pages. A single post from these celebrities help you reach millions of people instantly.

Influencer marketing is the most authentic way to promote your business. Apart from that, you can use your employees and clients to advocate for you. Though their reach is less, a positive review or client testimonial works wonders for your brand.

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